Become an online entrepreneur, not a government job.

 Nowadays people are chasing jobs after education and even though there is a lot of talent in education, it has no quality. It means you have become a talented person but you have not become an entrepreneur.

  If you think that you will not get a self employed job then you are really wrong because you have studied and become like a brilliant person. Education is not for your job. Education is the backbone of nation by which you can change yourself. Know and you will know about yourself. If you have studied, you have developed an educated conscience that would not have penetrated you if you had not studied. After all these years of hard work and study, you still can't get a freelance job of your choice because if you want to get a job, what's the first thing you do? You have to learn then you have to know and then you must say why or why did I study so hard if I have to learn work see earlier I said education is the backbone of the nation with which you can build your own. The right decision. Yes, once there were government jobs, but now government jobs are not available even with the right merit and qualifications. In the end, this is my condition, then I will not get a job. If you want to give a job to someone else, you have to think. Thought and consciousness will establish you as an entrepreneur. You can be an entrepreneur and you can give work to others without working. To do these things, you must have a good mind and good health. Have a mindset and spend good money with it. Another good news is that now people are becoming successful entrepreneurs working from home online but I am talking about how to become an entrepreneur and I hope you are also thinking about how to invest right now with very little capital. business or organization I will tell you then you start working online and become a successful entrepreneur now you are thinking what to do online and who will give me bakkar job i save tax then know about work and not known online there are number of card companies or organizations to work with. One of them is: Upwork and Fiber by visiting these websites you can earn countless and crores which is never possible if you work under government or any company. There are only a few things you can do to work as you wish on the platform and work independently. You can earn a lot of money through this and another easy way is YouTube application platform. Through this platform myself and many others have been able to earn crores of rupees and have done everything including houses and cars in Dhaka city. Yes you heard right. A complete guide to how you work. To work on the YouTube platform, you must first have a Gmail account and then go to the YouTube application through the Gmail account and create a YouTube account with a specific name in the YouTube application. To create a channel you need to upload a contact or video to that place and work in a very good way that people are very excited and happy to see and when you keep working like this your video will be full of 4000 hours of views. time and 1000 subscribers. Then you can start monetizing your channel and start earning money when you apply for monetization you need to open an adsense account and deposit what you earn through this adsense and similarly you need to add your bank account from this adsense will be and Rs.21 per month. On 22nd your bank will send payment to your account then you can withdraw money from ATM machine in your pocket through ATM card and you will be able to use that money then we understand how we can become online entrepreneur and save our career from our job. I can do it. Thank you. Be well and stay with us.

(I am Mohammad Khaled Hasan Dhaka Narayanganj)


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