Primary Assistant Teacher Recruitment Preparation and Process 2022

  The primary assistant teacher recruitment process

is initially conducted in two stages. The exam will have 80 MCQs of 80 marks. 1 mark for each correct answer. And 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. Exam time is 1 hour.


Second phase will have viva of 20 marks. MCQ passers will give viva. Merit list will be done from total 100 upazila wise.

★ Human distribution :

a. English 20
b. Bengali 20
c. Mathematics 20
d. General knowledge 20

a. Discussion of English topics:
To do well in English with 20 marks, you must see these topics

A. Grammar:

1. Parts of Speech
2. Identification of Parts of Speech
3. Interchange Parts of speech.
4. Phrase & Clause
5. Gerund & Participle
6. Number & Gender
7. Preposition
8. Right form or Verb
9. Voice & Narration
10. Subject-Verb Agreement
12. Conditional Sentence
13. Synonym, Antonym & Spelling

B. Literature

Literature 2/1 can come. May not come again. Read Previous Primary, BCS and Non Cadre Questions for best preparation.  "vertical-align: inherit;">Besides Shakespeare, John Milton, Wordsworth whose names are in the HSC English books, you will know the names of some books.

b. If you want to do well in Bengali

, you need to study more grammar.
Not more than 3-4 hours come from Sahitya.

01) Grammar

1. Treaty
2. Spelling
3. Synonyms and antonyms
4. Types of words
5. Sounds, letters and letters
6. Terminology
7. Symptoms
8. Factors and Divisions
9. Pratyaya and Samas
10. Sentence contractions and idioms
11. Pada Prakan

02) Bangla Literature

1. Read previous BCS, non-cadre and primary questions.
2. The author of Bengali books from sixth to HSC will be familiar.
3. Charyapad
4. Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Jasimuddin, Shamsur Rahman, Michael Madhusudan Dutta, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.
5. Some stories, novels and plays based on the liberation war.
6. Authors' pseudonyms and titles. c) Give a little more effort in this part of

Mathematics .

Mathematics can be divided into 3 parts.

01) Arithmetic

10-13 questions will come from here.
1. Understand all the previous questions of the chapter well.
2. Profit, Profit and Loss, Percentage, Ratio, Prime and Real Numbers, Unit Rule, Age, Fractions.

02) Algebra

3-4 will come from here.
1. Algebraic expressions, factor analysis, univariate and bivariate equations
2. Exponents, logarithms and series, sets
3. Previous year primary will practice all maths.

cal-align: inherit;">03) Geometry

will come from here 3-4.
1. Lines, angles and triangles
2. Pythagoras theorem
3. Circle
4. Problems related to square, rectangle and right triangle in dimension.

d. General Knowledge

01) Bangladesh Subjects
Geographical location and description of Bangladesh, history of liberation war (1947 to 1971), agriculture and climate, population, constitution and organs of government, economy of Bangladesh. (See these topics from social science, history, urban policy and economics books of class 9)

02) International affairs

1. Capital and currency of some important countries
2. Some important international organizations.
3. Methodology
4. Current World Politics
5. China, India and USA

(For recent section read previous 3-4 months recent section excluding previous month of exam)

03) General Science

will ask basic questions. Read the previous questions from 10th to 43rd with explanations.

04) Computer and Information Technology

will also ask basic questions here. For example, input and output devices, social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. There are also Google, Youtube, Messenger, What's App, E-mail, Web Browser etc.
(You can read Easy Computer) 05) 2 questions can come from this part of

geography , so the limit can be read and common. Rivers, hills, mountains, resources (agriculture, fish, minerals, natural), climate - weather B. Note: 01) See primary questions of last 15 years. 02) See 10th-43rd BCS questions

03) Check All Non Cadre Questions 2019,20,21,22

Best of luck to you
★★ 15th


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